Fair Go Maintenance Retaining Walls

Image of a retaining wall built by Fair Go Services Canberra

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Fair Go Maintenance Canberra will build retaining walls for all outdoor living areas.   A retaining wall will highlight and elevate your garden and can be created for courtyards and entertaining areas.

What size retaining wall do you need?

Fair Go Maintenance will consider the wall size, height, width, depth and ground pressure. Low rise walls (375mm and 600mm) are ideal for garden edges. The garden wall size is the most common and works well as an accent wall around the garden.   

What style?

Fair Go Maintenance will help you choose from the wide variety of shapes, textures and colours.  It is best to select one that blends in with your garden and exterior of your home.   

Fair Go Maintenance consider the style of block to incorporate the stacking system that evenly spaces the blocks, holds them in place and allows flexibility required for corners, curves, steps and other design features. Fair Go Maintenance will help you with the number of blocks you need and which style to order and note curves, corners and steps. 

What material should I consider?

Fair Go Maintenance will help you choose from several different materials for your retainer wall: 

  • Natural stone blocks – these are available in blocks, units, regular or irregular shapes and provide a unique look.  There is a wide variety of choices that will fit just about any style of garden.
  • Wood or timber – these materials are easy to install and are long lasting.  They complement gardens and outdoor living areas, especially if the home has a rustic appearance.  It is also a good choice if cost is an issue. 
  • Concrete – this is available in a range of styles and textures to choose from and is lightweight and easy to install.   
  • Brick – brick retainer walls are versatile and durable and are pest, weather and fire resistant. 

How can we help?

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